You want to feel


You’re no longer worried about your health or weight, you can focus on the things you really want to: success at work, building your business, writing your book, making beautiful memories for your family that only you can make.


Imagine… you wake up full of strength and energy. You fell asleep easily, stayed asleep unless you got up to create or pray… there was no afternoon slump, your mind is clear, your sinuses are clear and you enjoy a flat, gas-free, bloat-free tummy. Every… day….


You can live out your passions because you feel well enough to do it. You’re free from the task-master of dieting, you know what to eat and you love your food. You enjoy your life and your meals with people you love!

About Me

Although I was a successful entrepreneur, community leader, wife, mom and friend… but always I was distracted by my dissatisfaction about my weight, uninspired by my health… knowing that I could somehow feel and look better than I did. And I hated that I thought about it all the time.

So I launched on a 15 year journey to master this area of my life. And at 49 years old, i look and feel better than I ever have before.

And not only that- I have lasting success! No more sour-faced dieting, or sad depriving, I feel great, look pretty great (if I do say so myself) and even better, I am not afraid of being fat ever again.

Ready to put dieting and health-distractions behind with me and accomplish greatness on the earth?
The kind of greatness that only you can accomplish… the kind of happiness that comes from being who you were meant to be without the chains of health and weight disappointments.

Skip the Food Frustration

Skip the Food Frustration

Tired of watching other people enjoy food while you feel miserable and deprived?  These are my 5 Best Tricks to win in healthy eating while still being a Fearless Food Fanatic!

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