How I Lost 20 Pounds After 45 Without Feeling Miserable.

Imagine This: You weigh the right weight for your body. You eat food you love, every day. You never fear gaining weight, or dread the inevitable misery of dieting. You don’t hate how you look in the mirror. You woke up this morning feeling rested, healthy, lean, strong and beautiful. You just happen to be 50+ […]

Why is it Important to Be Healthy Anyway?

Have you ever known what you should do, but didn’t want to do it? I certainly have!  Nowhere has this been more true in my life than in my diet. ? I tried like, a gazillion diets, nutrition “hacks” and exercise plans over the years.  Even though the sting of failure haunted me at every […]

Finding the Right Nutrition for you.

Ever feel confused about what to eat? You want to be healthy, but every prescription and diet plan is different.  Most experts seem to dogmatically preach that their system is right, and everyone else’s is wrong! How are we supposed to make healthy choices when it’s so unclear what “healthy” actually is? You are Unique! […]