Make Rhubarb Crisp the way you want it!

Rhubarb… friend or foe? I feel like Rhubarb is really confusing.  Is it fruit?  Is it celery?  It’s weird, that’s what it is. I only conquered my Rhubarb Fear only because of my love for Hubby💕 💕. And now-  you too can conquer your own Rhubarb Anxiety with this very flexible recipe “template.”  It can […]

Your Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie (Gluten Free)

Saying NO to cookies is just plain sad. It’s time to take back the cookie!  To turn the tide, to say YES to the cookie without hurting our health, waistline, or our tastebuds! This recipe is for perfect for folks who have determined that wheat or gluten is not a good fit for them!  It’s […]

Savory Nutty Snack Cake (Grain-Free)

In the world of Recipe Creation, things don’t always go as planned. ? I planned to create a sweet, cinnamon-y coffee cake, because coffee cake makes me happy. Sugar and flour do not make me happy… in the long run. ? But I wanted to try Stevia because it one of the most natural sweeteners without […]

Cream-of-Whatever Soup (However You Want it).

Today, I’ve got great news. If you’ve followed a special diet for any reason, you probably already know that Cream of (Whatever) soups are mostly off the menu. You only need the recipe “pattern” below to make your own “Cream of” soup… without the cream (unless you want it), without the gluten (unless you want […]

Tangy Tortilla Casserole (Gluten Free)

Family.  Comfort.  Food. Is it wrong to feel guilty when you eat something that is so cozy, so comforting that it fuels not just your body, but your soul? My mom is a great cook!  This is her (mostly- sorry Mom) original version of one of my family favorites growin up. It takes a little […]