How I Lost 20 Pounds After 45 Without Feeling Miserable.

Imagine This:

  • You weigh the right weight for your body.
  • You eat food you love, every day.
  • You never fear gaining weight again, or the misery of dieting.
  • You love how you look in the mirror, from all angles.
  • You woke up this morning feeling rested, healthy, lean, strong and beautiful.
  • You just happen to be 50+ years old.

Is this too good to be true?

I was certainly beginning to think so!

In case you don’t believe me, here’s me after college.

I’ve struggled with weight and health issues my whole life. But finally, now, in my late 40s I feel the way I want!  I cracked the code to enjoying my ideal weight and health!

And it just keeps getting better!

And lest you think I eat only dry chicken and raw kale, let me share with you my 2 simple steps to achieving my ideal weight for the first time at age 48:

  • I ate what I loved.  I zeroed in on what actually worked.. for me! Instead of “dieting” I tried things with a different focus.  I blocked out the prescriptions and condemnations of others.  I forced myself to slow down, hear my own body, pay attention to my likes and dislikes. I wrote more about this in this article– but the bottom line is: I slowed down enough, and honored myself enough, that when I tried a new food or diet I created metrics for myself as to how it made me feel, and how I felt eating it.

          Instead of a drudgery, eating became self-discovery!

  • I trained myself to do eat that way consistently.

Then I just repeated that, tried new things, did not freak out, and kept at it until I got the results I wanted.  Once I reached your weight goal-range, I found success in creating habit goals that I actually enjoyed, consistency with LOTS of rewards built in, tweaking, and just having fun with it.  But it just took time and focus to stay free from diet drudgery.

Just like I would any business process, I focused on the business, of me.

The steps are simple.

You see, it’s not about the diet, the plan, or the bandwagon. It’s about you. Setting the real you FREE, not about clamping the real you down with rules and regulations

If we can reprioritize ourselves over the plan itself, it’s a step towards truly enjoying our food, and achieving even more success in life.  And feeling good enough to feel satisfied by life. 

Take your amazing life, your beautiful soul and set it free by giving it the healthy body that it deserves to fly!

Tracy. ?

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