Ever feel confused about what to eat?

You want to be healthy, but every prescription and diet plan is different.  Most experts seem to dogmatically preach that their system is right, and everyone else’s is wrong!

How are we supposed to make healthy choices when it’s so unclear what “healthy” actually is?

You are Unique!

Successful dieters and fit people are passionate about sharing what worked with them.  Unfortunately, this passion often comes off as rigidity– and, as you well know, can be confusing because many of these experts rigidly do not agree with each other.

It wasn’t until I learned the skill of collecting data from these diet plans that I gathered enough information to once and for all figure out how my own body worked, and what nutrition fueled me the best!

Finding your right nutrition is just a skillset that anyone can learn!

There’s just 3 things I did to become an expert on my own nutrition, and in doing so eating has  become a wonderful treasure hunt, and not just a chore!

You’re a unique butterfly!

1. Truly try it.

This can take time and effort!  But spending the time it takes to research and learn how to do a partiular nutrition plans that appeals to me is the only way to extracting its goodness for my own benefit.  And, just “trying it” for a week doesn’t really count.

It works best to learn why the particular plan works, why it was developed, and what it helped the creator with specifically.

Just like you would gather data on something you want to implement at work, now apply that skill to yourself.  Remember- it’s just data!  There’s no “pass” or “fail” here!

2. How does it make you feel?

This is where you mine out that data.  It can take focused effort to develop this if you’re not used to it.  But the goal is to evaluate the plan as a whole, as well as particular meals or even foods to see how you feel, and if you actually like them.

I know you’re busy, and I’m not talking about spending all your energy on this!  Keep it simple!  Follow the diet pattern but take some notes after.  Did you feel tired?  Energized?  Hungry?  Gassy? Did you like eating this way or did it make you miserable?

In my opinion, a nutrition plan that makes you sad will never be the right one for you.  Food is delightful! and in my experience, enjoyment is one of the factors that enables us to make healthy choices over the long run!  Which leads to greater and greater health! ?

3. Keep learning!

We’re just on the cusp of learning about the human body.  There’s new information coming out all the time!  And our nutrition needs change with our season of life, and our bodies like to switch things up!  The more you listen to YOU, the more you’ll know what you need.

Finally, the goal here is not perfection, but learning to master the beautiful vehicle that is your own body, so you can get to more places, do more exciting things, and have lots more fun.

Isn’t your life worth an investment to learn, once and for all, how your own body works?  Instead of wondering, you can know!  You have the freedom to try things- without being chained to them- and use them to figure yourself out.  This is the path to mastery.

You deserve this!


P.S. If you don’t feel good no matter what you eat, I recommend visiting an Integrative Doctor, or maybe doing some supplementation.  Sometimes we don’t feel well because we are missing a nutrient, have problems with our gut or maybe even have a food sensitivity (although that can often be identified by Point #1).  Visit my Resources page to find out my favorite tips and tools for this.  And here is a general article on Nutrient Deficiencies if you’re interested.



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