Have you ever known what you should do, but didn’t want to do it?

I certainly have!  Nowhere has this been more true in my life than in my diet. ?

I tried like, a gazillion diets, nutrition “hacks” and exercise plans over the years.  Even though the sting of failure haunted me at every new effort.  Everywhere I turned I heard that I should expect my health to decline as I got older.

But for some reason, I wasn’t willing to give up on my dream of looking and feeling my very best!

Obviously I’ve achieved that goal, or I wouldn’t be sharing with you today!  But, for most of my life I felt stuck, frustrated, like a failure… and I certainly should have resigned myself by now to a life of just mediocre health.

Is it even worth it?!?

So why didn’t I give up?

I grew up a people-pleaser.  I wanted to make everyone happy, and live an unselfish life.

Pleasing people and living an unselfish life is a beautiful thing!  But I think I made diets and fitness plans another thing I had to please… and forgot the real purpose of health.

It wasn’t until I realized that the best way to help people was to become the best me possible.  and that included my health.

The best way to help people is to become the best you possible!

It took a health scare for me to wake up. I finally realized, that I had tended to everything except myself and almost lost myself in the process.

It took a season of learning to value me, as the hero of my own life, as the adventurer of my own great story, before I was able to put those diets and those fitness plans in their place. No longer would I serve them or call them master, but I put them into subjection to fuel, nourish and enhance my own life… so I could ultimately help a lot more people without being miserable in the process.

What I’m trying to say is- you are important.  Your mission in life, your story, is vital to the outcome of the universe, and how can will the story turn out, if we don’t take care of its greatest protagonist?

That’s you.

None of us are perfect or feel/perform perfectly all of the time.  But I want to get your focus today off “health” for health’s own sake and onto what really matters.

There’s honor inside of you, strength inside of you, and it’s your time let it shine! ?

I love you!


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